IT Managed Services are not a core part of your business. They ARE a core part of ours. So why not hand this mission-critical aspect of your operations over to the experts? Aside from saving time and money and minimising risk, you can be secure in the knowledge that your Tier 1, 2 and 3 support is in safe hands - and that it's available exactly when you need it.

Our aim at the outset is to understand your business so that we can serve you better. We'll offer you only what your business needs - and thanks to our bespoke in-house software we're able to give you exactly that.



The simplest reason is that it allows you to focus on your core business. But under that single heading, there's a range of benefits that will make a major difference to your bottom line.

If your business is small, outsourcing IT Managed Services gives you access to all the technology and expertise available to your bigger competitors, enabling you to punch above your weight.

Our software also enables a high degree of automation. This ensures that your staff time is used more productively and there's less room for human error. With automation, we have seen human productivity improvements of up to 65%.

Digital transformation means that systems are becoming more complex. Automation helps manage that complexity, spotting issues before they happen and enabling us to put them right before they become a problem.


We've provided IT Managed Services to a range of organisations, large and small, including:

  • Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, which has a budget of £1 billion, 20,000 staff and 60,000 incidents and service requests a year.
  • Equiniti, which monitors in excess of £35 billion in lending activity and holds compliant marketing data on more than 44 million people.
  • Carillion companies handling some of the biggest Government contracts in the UK.

At Cased Dimensions, we're big enough to deliver but small enough to care.

Our software also enables a high degree of automation.

As technology develops, every organisation with IT infrastructure needs to monitor, manage and optimise that infrastructure 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Allowing the experts to shoulder that responsibility can offer significant benefits in expenditure, staff time and reduced business risk.

While saving money is one attraction of using Cased Dimensions' IT Managed Services, a bigger benefit is that we help you do business better. This helps your customers, your reputation - and your bottom line.

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